Multi-scale Numerical Simulations and Homogenization (SIMEON)


This O.R. gathers a large part of the development efforts of analytical and numerical tools necessary to obtain truly predictive simulation codes and adapted to the confrontation with experimental results obtained in the other O.R.

It is interested in the development of innovative approaches based on knowledge at the cutting edge of the physical fields concerned and on scales ranging from the atom to the component. High performance codes are developed in this framework, and in particular: collaborative codes around DDD and Phase Fields, Langevin Dynamics (coll. Onera, LLNL, ESPCI), pre- and post-processing tools for DFT and DM (coll. P7), and routines for Abaqus and Comsol FE code.


The R.O. is in interaction with the other R.O. (PRET, 2MP, MEM in particular), to define the perspectives of applications of the models. But more than the quality of the agreement experiment / simulation, it is the robustness of the models which is sought. These developments will be carried out at the atomistic (SQS, DFT, Langevin dynamics, DDD), mesoscopic (DDD coupled Finite Elements), macroscopic (cohesive elements in finite elements) scales.

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