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The Laboratory of Science of Processes and Materials (LSPM) is an Intramural Research Unit (UPR3407) of CNRS-INSIS created on the 1st of January 2011 from the merging of 2 research unit, the LIMHP - Laboratory of Engineering of Materials and High Pressures (UPR1311) and the LPMTM – Laboratory of Mechanical and Thermodynamical Properties of Materials (UPR 9001).

The Unit is located on the campus of University Paris 13 in Villetaneuse (Seine Saint-Denis) and is divided in two buildings representing a total area of about 6000 m2. The management team is composed of a director from the former LIMHP (M. Khaled HASSOUNI) and a deputy director from teh former LPMTM (M. Patrick FRANCIOSI).

LSPM represents a litlle more than 140 people

  • 70 researchers/academics,
  • 20 Engineers/Technicians/Administrative staff,
  • 45 PhD students,
  • 5 pos-doc
  • 3 fixed-term contracts.