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The scientific objective of the laboratory is to develop both theoretical and applied research in the fields of Material Science and Process Engineering. The unit’s activities are more precisely organised around 3 research axis:

  1. the development, optimisation and study of materials fabrication and transformation processes
  2. the study of the evolution and interaction of the structural characteristics and properties of materials
  3. the integration of materials in systems, devices and processes

Works developed around those 3 axis rely on more up-front scientific fields such as materials chemistry, molecular, atomic and solid-state physics that define that laboratory’s scientific identity. On this basis researches are nowadays developed on:

  1. Deposition of thin films and surface treatment by plasma assisted CVD for diamond, oxydes, etc.
  2. Synthesis of new phases using processes under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure.
  3. Synthesis of functional nano-materials using soft chemistry processes.
  4. Synthesis and transformation of materials by thermomechanical treatments.
  5. Plasticity and crystallisation of metalic crystalline materials under complex thermomechanical stresses.
  6. Behaviour, damaging and break-up of fragile materials with limited ductility, metallic or not.
  7. Study of plasma-material interaction in edge-plasma of tokamak.
  8. Integration of materials in systems and energetic devices : hydorgen (transport and storage), photonic and photovoltaic.
  9. Study of electro-magnetic and mechanical properties of thin films and n.
  10. Micro-structural characterisation relation between process-microstructure-properties and functionnality