How to come

The laboratory is divided into 2 buildings: CNRS (L1) and University (L2) located in the Villetaneuse campus.

The access map of the laboratory

For any general information, please contact the direction at the following address:

A member directory is available

By car

Porte de la Chapelle, Motorway A1 [direction Lille]
Exit N°3 (Beauvais – Amiens par N1)
Leave N1 to D29 (Epinay sur Seine)
Follow Villetaneuse Université
Enter the campus using car park P3

Université Paris Sorbonne Paris Nord
Bâtiment L1 ou L2
99 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément
93430 Villetaneuse

Public transportation

From Paris

Line H, from Gare du Nord to Epinay-Villetaneuse station.
At Gare du Nord, get into a train going to one of the following directions: Ermont-Eaubonne, Luzarches, Persan-Beaumont or Valmondois. Check on the main board that the train do stop at Epinay-Villetaneuse station (Line H).

Arriving at Epinay-Villetaneuse station, T11 Express through the 4th way direction Le Bourget to Villetaneuse Université

Or Arriving at Epinay-Villetaneuse station, exit on the Villetaneuse side
Bus 156 direction Gare de St-Denis stop at J-B.Clément-Carnot then walk on the avenue J-B.Clément or
Bus 354 direction Pierrefitte-Stains stop at Université Paris 13
Bus 356 direction St-Denis Université stop at J-B.Clément-Carnot then walk on the avenue J-B.Clément

From Saint-Denis campus

Use the Tramway line T8
Start Saint-Denis Porte de Paris (End of metro line 13)
Stop Villetaneuse-Université
Entry n°2

From Bobigny campus

Tramway Line n°1 direction Gare de St-Denis, up to Marché de Saint-Denis then
Bus 256 direction Gare d’Enghien, Division Leclerc-Université stop

Other access

Bus 168 , Division Leclerc-Université stop


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