Design Instrumentation Experiment monitoring


Conception Instrumentation & Experience Monitoring
Support staff
Quantin CAMIER
Nicolas FAGNON

The main mission of the department is to ensure the design (design office) and manufacturing (workshop) for all services and research areas of the laboratory.


The workshop is composed of different machines and tools:

  • Conventional machines
    • 2 Lathes
    • 2 milling machines
  • Digital machine
    • Protomax water jet cutting device
  • Tools
    • Band saw
    • Oxy-acetylene welding machine
    • Reciprocating saw
    • Drill press

3D drawing of a plasma torch

Conventional lathe Cazeneuve HB575

Conventional milling machine Dufour 230

ProtoMax water jet cutting machine

Plasma torch from the 3D model

The service also ensures the operation of experimental devices and provides instrumentation solutions.


  • Experiment automation and data processing with Labview


  • Vacuum Techniques

Microplasma deposition reactor

Calibration reactor for nitrogen density measurement

Nanosecond laser control and acquisition

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